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What is a Fume Hood?

Laboratory fume hood is a ventilated enclosure / Cupboard where all experiments related harmful or toxic fumes of vapors can be done so that these vapors and fumes are diluted and safely vented out of the Laboratory so that Lab environment and people work in safe conditions.

The purpose:

To capture contains and remove contaminants, preventing their escape into the laboratory.


This is accomplished by drawing contaminants within the hoods work area away from the operator, so that installation and contact are minimized.

Airflow into the hood is achieved by an exhaust blower which pulls air from the laboratory room into andthrough the hood and exhaust system. This pull at opening of the hood is measured as face velocity.

A baffle and other aerodynamically designed components control the pattern of air moving into andthrough the hood.

Contaminated air within the hood is then diluted with room air and exhausted through the hoods duct system to the outside where it can be adequately dispersed at an acceptably low concentration.

Design Concept :

Depending upon the needs of a laboratory they are designed and manufactured in various types, sizes & Configurations.

Fume hoods function on very basic principle of containment. They are basically designed for safety of the personnel Working Within the lab by maintaining negative pressure inside the hood compared to that within the lab. UltraFab's fume hood performs effectively and safely at the face velocity of 100 fpm (or 0.5mtr/sec) at defined sash opening. It will have double skinned construction to make it safer. It comprises of electrical components and utilities as per the need of experiment. Choice between steel and polypropylene [PP fume hood is always available as per the requirements.

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